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Call or text Matt at: 979-250-0072

Paranormal Help

The Deep Woods Paranormal looks forward to helping you. No one should feel threatened or uncomfortable in their home or at their location. If you are experiencing paranormal activity, we would like the opportunity to help you. We will try and document the activity that is going on and see if we can bring it to a conclusion. We want to take away any fear being caused by this paranormal activity.

Our research includes: ghosts, demons, Bigfoot activity, Dog Man, Lizard Man, Ram Man, other crypto creatures, UFO activity or any other type of paranormal or strange activity. 

How investigations work: When we come in to investigate, we will set up video recorders, audio recorders, use cameras to take pictures, set up motion sensors and use other gear in our attempt to communicate and document the activity you are experiencing. Investigations normally run about 4 to 6 hours or longer depending on the size of the location. This includes setting up our gear and taking it back down after the investigation.

How we're different from other teams: If you're comfortable with doing so, we ask that you stay with us and help us investigate. We have found that we get better results when the client is at the location with us. We can also try and combat any fear that may occur if something paranormal does happen. Most of our clients enjoy the opportunity to ask questions during EVP sessions and try to get answers as to why the activity is happening.

When you contact us: We will set up an investigation at your location in a timely manner after you contact us. We will try to document the activity that is happening at your location. We also do research into the history of your location to look for clues about why the activity may be happening. After our investigation concludes, we will review everything and look for possible evidence of the paranormal activity. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with our findings. (Normally this takes a couple of weeks.)

Note: At some locations, we may request to do more than one investigation to figure out what is causing the paranormal activity.

What to expect after the investigation: We will sit down with you and after we have reviewed everything and explain our findings, if any. Depending on our findings, we can try and help cross spirits over (if requested) and or conduct a blessing of the location (if requested). We can also try other things to help get the activity to stop.Do we charge for our services? We do not charge to research your location, but donations are always helpful and welcome. The donation goes to help cover the cost of conducting investigations. This includes gas and other expenses we incur to do research the paranormal. It also helps us to acquire new technology to investigate the paranormal with.

Your information: Were discreet about your information. Any information and or findings will remain private unless you give permission to share them publicly or allow us to use it as webisode. Most private homes and other locations are not shared publicly unless you request that we do. 

Webisodes: Our team is shooting webisodes to show our documentation of the paranormal and to help educate the public about what we do. If you wish to have your location be on a webisode, you will not be compensated, but we are happy to advertise your location if you are a business. Please contact us for more information. Please fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you.

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